Customer Compliments

I would like to extend a THANK YOU to all of the utility workers who journeyed down to Southeast Texas to help restore our power after Hurricane Laura. Your guys were the ones in my subdivision and I really, really appreciate that they came all this way to help. They are my heroes. Please share this with the crews. I send my thanks and an enormous HUG to them all.
Texas Resident
I would like to say the individuals working, both our normal crew and the additional emergency crew did an outstanding job of assessing and mitigating safety concerns both before and during the work.
Give your guys/gals a big pat on the back from everyone an hour south of you. I don’t know if they worked on our poles and lines or not, but we appreciated it. Our power went up a day and a half earlier than forecasted and my entire neighborhood cheered when the lights clicked back on. We don’t realize how badly we need companies like yours until stuff hits the fan, and it was impressive to see how quickly order was restored despite the magnitude of damage.
Michigan Resident
I was driving I 75 this morning and saw a convoy of bucket trucks going toward Florida. Thank you and God bless and protect each one of those workers. I live in northern part of metro Atlanta, so we will only have a small effect of Irma compared to Florida and Georgia coast. THANK YOU AGAIN for sending help.
Georgia Resident
Thank you and God bless for heading into danger to help during the storm.
Florida Resident
I would just like to thank you for your assistance during this last storm. Your professionalism to come in and get a job done was simple amazing. The best thing we could do is get you the material and then get out of the way and watch you work. Without your help we truly believe that it would have taken twice as long to get service restored.
First Energy
I'd like to extend a note of thanks to you, your General Foreman and Hydaker-Wheatlake for the quick response to our recent request for what I would refer to as "professional services". When I contacted you to discuss my situation your response was immediate, with excellent coordination of resources to get your General Foreman to the site within hours. Your General Foreman stepped into the roles of consultant, supervisor and assistant all rolled into one to ensure the work was performed safely and properly.
Ohio Valley Electric Corporation
I live in Oakland Park, Florida and want to thank your company and all of the electric utility workers who are here in our area restoring our electric service after Hurricane Irma. For them, working in our heat and humidity must just be unbearable and I cannot express our neighborhood's collective appreciation enough! These workers certainly have gone "above and beyond" in my opinion. Thank you very much.
Oakland Park Florida Resident
I wanted to pass along to you how well your crew preformed while they worked on our system. They did an awesome job doing a “boring’ project. Projects like the one they were on can be worrisome for me because of the everyday mundane some ole same ole thing over and over again. I always worry about complacency and they handled it like professionals. It was a pleasure having them here and I want to thank you for their hard work.
Holland Board of Public Works
Please extend my thanks again to the gentlemen I worked with. They were very professional and hardworking.