Distribution Line Construction, Design & Maintenance

The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company (HWC) has been involved with the construction and maintenance of distribution lines since 1936 when Franklin D. Roosevelt  signed the Rural Electrification Act into order. While HWC was just beginning in the utility industry, it was awarded a job to build 1,000 miles of single-phase line in South Dakota, which was finished both safely and ahead of schedule.  Since that time, Hydaker-Wheatlake has continued that philosophy by working with investor owned utilities, municipals, and electrical cooperatives across the country to improve their systems reliability while staying within the owner’s budget. 

HWC currently constructs all distribution lines ranging from 500 Volt secondary to 34.5kV. We perform all distribution work including:

  • New Construction for Overhead & Underground
  • Joint Trench, including gas installation & termination
  • Energized Work
  • Line Upgrades, Reconductor, & Rebuild
  • Pole Change Out
  • Transformer, Capacitor, and Switch Change Out
  • Conversions for Overhead & Underground
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Engineering, Procurement, & Construction
  • Directional Boring
  • Fault Locating & Repair
  • Smart Metering & Smart Grid installation
  • Hydro-Excavation


Streetlights can be a necessary evil for utility companies by meeting the Public Service Commission requirements. Hydaker-Wheatlake recognized these issues and worked with customers to provide full, automated solutions allowing our customers to reduce their staffing workload, while maintaining the documentation and communication required.  Through work and communication we were able to bring our customers compliance with the Public Service Commission to 98% within 2 months of operations.  By providing these solutions we have helped our customer reduce cost while improving quality and safety.


  • Fully Automated system that allows Real Time completion of work
  • Union Workforce who exceed customer expectations in Quality & Safety
  • Rate of 98% completion of work orders within 3 days allows our customers to meet the requirements put forth by the Public Service Commission
  • Workforce that is able to increase or decrease dependent on demand
  • Ability to work secondary and primary voltages by utilizing additional workers when necessary
  • Ability to install new underground and overhead by using other resources within Hydaker-Wheatlake
  • Our workforce can assist customers during natural disasters