Foundations have become a necessity for transmission lines. On the forefront of transmission line evolution, The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company has witnessed the progression from early spread footers to now caisson foundations. Utilizing in-house HWC civil engineers to oversee crews, we recognize the documentation and QC/QA our customers need.  In order to ensure the safety of our employees and the highest quality product for our customers, we put employees through an extensive concrete certification program, allowing them to understand concrete and chemicals down to the molecular level.  All of our drill crews are thoroughly trained in excavation and pouring methods including Wet Holes, Dry holes, Rock Excavation, and Casing installation, cold weather, and hot weather installation.  This training has put Hydaker-Wheatlake as an industry leader in foundation installation.

We currently have multiple transmission spreads and highly-trained caisson crews operating full-time throughout the country.  Hydaker-Wheatlake is involved with several long-term strategic relationships to construct and maintain electrical systems across the country.  These relationships have allowed HWC to provide cost savings by assisting in the engineering of the system, creating a stable workforce (which enables safety and efficiency), and creating value-added solutions through our partnerships with other Utility Supply & Construction companies. 

The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company has the capacity to bore shafts up to 15 feet in diameter by 100 feet deep, including dry and wet excavation methods. HWC utilizes track and wheel-mounted units allowing greater flexibility to accommodate any project's terrain.