From the Forest to the Power Line

Hydrolake products are manufactured from Michigan Red Pine, selected for straighter wood grain resulting in straighter end products. The treatment procedure utilizes CCA (Copper, Chrome, & Arsenic), a clean and environmentally acceptable preservative. All manufacturing is conducted in accordance with procedures established by the American National Standards Institute and American Wood Protection Association. To date, Hydrolake has manufactured over 500,000 utility poles.

Hydrolake utilizes a State-of-the-Art Arch/Lonza Designed CCA Treating System, with the ability to treat poles up to 65' in  length.

Utilizing over 75-years of combined forestry management and sourcing expertise, quality control begins in the forest with the hand selection of each Michigan Red Pine.

Wood Peeling

  • The hand-selected Red Pine is shipped to Hydrolake, where employees use a Morbark Peeler to debark up to 2,000 poles per week
  • Bark and chips are then shipped to a local cogeneration plant 

Wood Drying

  • Debarked poles are then air dried 
    • Air drying procedures allow us to greatly reduce the use of natural gas
  • Poles are then placed in one of the three large dry kilns

Pole Framing

  • Offering the ability for customized utility pole framing specifications for contract customers

Pole Treatment

  • Utilizing a State-of-the-Art Arch/Lonza Designed CCA Treating System, Hydrolake has the ability to treat up to a 65' wood pole
  • Pole Treatment is water-based, which gives the treatment process an environmental advantage
    • Throughout the pole's life, the CCA Treatment stays in the pole and does not saturate into the ground 
  • CCA Treatment allows for cost effective and stable pricing 
  • Short treatment cycle time allows increased flexibility to meet customer needs

Quality Control

  • WQC Standards
  • In-process, computer generated quality control reporting.
  • Utility Poles are warrantied for 50 years