The Hydaker-Wheatlake Company (HWC), the senior member of the unique Utility Supply & Construction conglomerate, provides safety, competence, capability and experience in all aspects of the utility industry, delivering turn-key projects from design to final construction. 

HWC is a dynamic, flexible company able to mobilize and execute work in a wide variety of environments and locations. HWC draws the majority of its work force from the IBEW and Operating Engineers Unions, with the core area of operations in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee, as well as projects in multiple states. Because of the well-positioned territory throughout the Midwest, HWC is able to respond to all natural disasters, nationwide.

HWC strives to be on the forefront of innovation to drive safety and efficiency for thier customers. We are firm advocates of performing safe work of the highest quality for the lowest installed cost. Partnering with our sister company, Power Line Supply, HWC has the capabilities to provide materials, warehousing, material recapture, and point -of-production deliveries.

HWC employs a talented and innovative Project Management Team dedicated to ensuring the proper flow of communication between the utility owner, contractors, material suppliers, and engineers. Since Utility Supply & Construction’s companies are vertically integrated and the HWC Project Management Team has vast experience in the industry, we can guarantee a detailed knowledge of construction techniques and practices. We also possess a comprehensive knowledge of material suppliers, allowing us to find equivalents to long material lead times. In addition, Project Managers have access to Hydaker-Wheatlake PE’s who can help assist with arising problems, allowing them to proactively propose and implement timely and effective solutions.

Because the safety, needs and requirements of customers are a priority, HWC strives towards accurate documentation and recordkeeping, detailed schedule adherence to track progress and ensure projects are completed on time and under budget, and make certain site safety representation is ever present, ensuring HWC, customer, & OSHA requirements are always met.